post-title portfolio-title Art-Decó apartment in Recoleta

Art-Decó apartment in Recoleta

icon1   3 persons
icon2   1 room / 1 bed – 1 coach
icon3   1 bathroom
  • Air conditioner – Central heating
  • LED TV – Cable
  • Music Player
  • Wi fi Internet
  • Microwave
  • Freezer


The appartment itself

This apartment is within privileged boundaries of Recoleta neighbourhood. A few steps from the Patio Bullrich which used to be a live cattle market, has been refurbished from scratch maintaining its original architecture. Its located on Libertador Avenue and Libertad street. You ll get access to many lines of public transport, to the Retiro Station, major train hub of the city and nearby as well is the Ferry Station where boats going to Colonia and Montevideo leaves from.

Apart from this, the area offers a lot of walking tours by itself which offer beautiful places to see. Excellent and large apartment, sunny and bright. Tastefully decorated.

You will be able to set base in a safe and exquisite neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Excellent place in the core of Recoleta to accommodate 2 people, ocasionally 3 (there is an extra bed in the sofá). This is a non-smoking place.

Excellent dimensions, very comforable and fully equipped at a very high level. There is a double size bed in the bed-room. The apartment is sunny and shiny. The area is fanastic. It’s located in the same block Patio Bullrich is placed.

The neighborhood

Surrounded by shops and design boutiques. High life. Near the Alvear Palace Hotel. Remember you have to walk all along Quintana Avenue and Alvear Avenue to bring into life the elegance flair of those belle époque days.

You ll appreciate it is located in one of the best areas of Recoleta surrounded by 1880s palaces that gives the area a traditional and elegant flair.

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