post-title portfolio-title Las Cañitas Chenault

Las Cañitas Chenault

icon1   5 people
icon2   4 bedrooms
icon3   3 toilets
  • Air conditioner – Central heating
  • LED TV – Cable
  • DVD Player
  • Music Player
  • WiFi Internet
  • Microwave
  • Freezer
  • Washing machine


The appartment itself

The apartment comprises 4 bedrooms: one master´s room and 3 single rooms, a large living room, a deck and a huge cozy kitchen.

There is a queen size bed in the masters’s bed room where there is a jacuzzi tube.
LED Tvs in all of the bedrooms.

Very well decorated, at the entrance you have an asian-style decorated living room with a fire, this entrance area is comprised by living room, terrace and a dining area. There is an industrial oven. Toaster, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Mixer, everything!!! You only need to bring in your personal stuff.

The neighborhood

Las Cañitas in Palermo is characterized by narrow coble stone and tree-lined streets, where both old and modern apartment buildings coexist in a very peaceful and a yet sophisticated atmosphere.

It is a hot spot for nightlife, exclusive shopping, and a trendy place to live for young and wealthy people. In the last two decades several high class real estate projects were developed in the area.

In past days, let’s say 50 years ago, it used to be a place for suburban residences, classic, low and stylish houses with big gardens, some of which still remain.

But if we go even farther backward in time, the first construction around here were risen by the Argentinian Militar Army, whom built a settlement for its officials and a series of other buildings such as the Militar Hospital, the Equestrian Center, a great deal of stable and studs and the Bs As Polo Court, which has been active since 1930’s. Plenty of stores, shops, restaurants and trendy bars around..

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