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Palermo Hollywood

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The house itself

2 Floors House with Garden and Swimming Pool in the core of Palermo. Fully furnished and equipped . It has exquisite details. The leasing is for a minimun of 6 months with possibility of being renewed. USD 2500.- this includes maintenance costs.

The neighborhood

Besides ever-burgeoning Palermo, Belgrano is one of the largest barrios in Buenos Airesspanning an area of 6.8km. Although not instantly recognizable for its tourist attractions, it is a pleasant neighborhood for walking and admiring the residential homes.

Stretching back from the River Plate, the barrio of Belgrano lies to the northeast of Buenos Aires Centro and is bordered to the northwest by Nuñez, to the southeast by Palermo and to the south by Coghlan, Colegiales and Villa Urquiza. Originally, the area occupied by the neighborhood formed part of the Pago de los Montes Grandes, which was a flourishing terrain for livestock grazing that spread from Retiro to San Isidro.

Named after General Manuel Belgrano, the creator of the Argentine flag, the history of the barrio is an interesting one. Following the general’s death in 1820 a law was passed to give his name to the next new town, which eventually happened in 1857. The then town witnessed so much instant growth that it was soon declared a city and in 1880 even served as the nation’s capital, albeit for no more than a few weeks. In 1887, the federal district of Buenos Aires grew to incorporate Belgrano and Flores (also a town at the time), thus creating the neighborhoods of today.

Recognized as an upper to middle class neighborhood, Belgrano is loosely split into four areas: Belgrano R, Belgrano C, Central Belgrano and Bajo Belgrano. The major characteristic of the barrio is its residential feel and the presence of grand 19th century homes lining wide, leafy avenues.

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