post-title La felicitá al potere

La felicitá al potere

La felicitá al potere

Today I received a whatsapp message from Gabriele, an Italian guest who stayed in a San Telmo apartment months ago: “Kiki!!!! I was reading a book on Uruguayan ex-president Pepe Mujica and I found you!!! You are everywhere.”

I was walking up, still a little bit asleep so shocked and surprised and all that adventure came back to my mind. And Cristina and her family as well, who have been in Buenos Aires by April last year, we connected immediately. I am aware I listen Italian speaking and I melt down instantly … its in my DNA … Cristina and her family have been guests of mine as well, now they are friends. She is an Italian writer, an adorable human being, a privilege I had of meeting her and sharing her trip to Montevideo to interview the ex-president Pepe Mujica. The audience has been confirmed to her just hours before, maximum a day before, so she asked if I´d like to go; with no shadow of a doubt.

Easiest way was taking a Ferry to Colonia and there a bus to Montevideo. She had a meeting with the Italian Ambassador who wanted to meet her as well, so there we went, as we arrived into the ferry we jumped into a van truck parked at the airport, there were no taxis as there was an strike going on .. so we implored the van driver to take us to the Italian Embassy, we were almost late.

I won´t bore you with all the chronicles…  just read the book, its name is “La felicitá al potere” by Cristina Guarnieri and you will be able to read there how it all went narrated by her adorable writing.

Cristina, my home is your home anywhere I‘d go!!!

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