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Streets and avenues: Montevideo, Uruguay, Córdoba, Eduardo Madero, San Martín, Corbeta Uruguay, president Ramón S. Castillo.

A Little bit of history on the neighborhood

plaza-san-martin-buenos-airesIts situated on one of the sides of the Cathedral to the North, the area was uninhabited until 1702, when governor Agustin de Robles  ordered a residence to be built up, called “El Retiro”, similar to the one owned by the King of Spain under the name of “El buen Retiro”. At one of the sides of the house, canons were placed looking towards the river. A few years later, the residence has been acquired by the Guinea Royal Company, a United Kingdom company trading slaves.

The area came to life with activities displayed by the Royal Company and the fort of Buenos Aires.  In year 1800 started  the construction of the Bull ring which contour can be guessed nowadays in Plaza San Martin looking towards Santa Fé Avenue.

The area lived so many changes when wealthy families from the south part of the city emigrated here cause of the yellow fever.  This is how all the palaces in the area have been built to accommodate these families.

Some of these palaces are the building where it is the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Brasil, the Foreign Minister, Círculo Militar walk along Santa Fe avenue from Plaza San Martin where the old bull ring was placed.