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Inquiries and support

Contáctenos directamente por Whatsapp al número 0054 11 640 911 41. También puede hacerlo por e-mail a o completar el formulario electrónico a continuación.


Q: What is the payment method?

You can confirm your booking with any major credit card and we accept Paypal as well.

Q: Should I bring my own towels and linen?

Not at all. Linen and towels are provided. You only have to come yourself. Bring you tooth brush only and your clothes of course.

Q: Should I pay any other charges besides the accommodation price?

Not at all. The price includes taxes and services. You don´t pay any higher unless you would like to avail of daily cleaning service or babysitter. These services are charged extra.

Q: I read Buenos Aires is not safe?

Well, I lived some other places around the world and I have to say security is an issue everywhere, nevertheless if you are cautious and avoid dodgy areas you can feel you are completely safe. Buenos Aires is  as secure as any other big city around the world. Apartments I rent are selected by areas as well and neighbourhoods and they are quite safe. Mostly have security downstairs the most of the time as well.

Q: How are the apartments I can see here selected?

They are selected according to equipment, security and area. I don´t like taking on board apartments that need too much repairing. You can trust they are comfortable enough and price is set accordingly.

Q: What are the pros of booking with

The main pro is support, we offer  you assistance with any queries you need. We usually book our preferred tours on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, stay tuned  with us and let us know as well how it all went. We like having friends all over the world.

Q: I do need an invoice. Can I get one from you?

Yes you can. You just let me know and I can generate invoices through Paypal.

Q: How do I get the keys and the wi fi network and password?

One of us, either Claudio or myself Kiki, will be there to greet you in unless  there is an emergency somewhere else but in all cases your arrival will be programmed according to the time you informed  us when booking. And you will be given the keys at arrival.

Q: How do I confirm a booking? What’s the procedure?

You have to choose the property that best fits your needs according to your arrival and departure times and once your payment is received you get the confirmation email with all the data for it.

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